Springbank Farm

That’s a wrap, people! Thanks for sharing in the harvest. Frozen berries and blueberry wine available by appointment.

Farmstand hours (July & ’til mid-August)

Tues – Sat: 8am – 6pm

Sun: Noon – 6pm

Mon: Closed

We’re the Brian and Michelle O’Driscoll family, and are absolutely thrilled to share our little earthly paradise here with you. Nestled on a splendidly isolated and gorgeous triangle of ground between the South Santiam River and Hamilton Creek, our 12-acre blueberry patch is one of the loveliest you will encounter.

During Fresh season, sometimes we need to close for ripening, and occasionally for rain, so it’s always a good idea to call first: 503.819.6209 or 503.816.5529.

A word on Farmers Markets… We don’t really do them. The best farmer’s market is the farm–no mark-up.  Some farms aren’t set up for visitors and so need an outlet, but that’s not us. Come to the farm, see what it’s all about. Or, call to see if we can set up a delivery.

Though the fresh fruit season lasts just through the months of July and August, when we’re busily harvesting and filling orders, every month feels like blueberry season. Whether weeding, watering, fertilizing, or painstakingly pruning every one of our nearly 20,000 blueberry bushes, few weekends pass that don’t find us in the field or talking blueberries.

And as much as we love blueberries, we invite you to peruse our site here to see what else we’re up to. We’re pretty excited about some projects in the works, and would love to share more information about them. For instance, many people are curious about The Reed School. Charming piece of history to admire from afar on the drive by? Yes, but much more in store. Think educational, nonprofit, kids, learning life skills, no video games…yep, it’s Farm Camp. We think Mrs. Schrader would approve. (For those who don’t know, she was the quintessential Old School, spare-the-rod-spoil-the-child, take-no-guff first-grade teacher who set the bar high for many reluctant square dancers back in the day…)

Springbank Farm